The joy of riding together!

Cycling hasn’t been more hyped than nowadays. As a cycling charity label we couldn’t be more happy to see more and more people out there pushing those pedals. We see more e-bikes, but also more race bikes. Because we want the newly dedicated cyclists to keep riding their bikes without quitting after a few months, we at Team Chasse Patate try to push like minded initiatives. Therefore take a look at following Group Ride!

A Bloc Cycling Team

A newly born cycling team in a small Flemish town called “Opwijk” has clearly understood the pure joy of riding bikes with fellow cycling aficionados! Although they chose the name “A Bloc Cycling Team”, they don’t always push themselves to the limit. During their weekly training rides, having a laugh and enjoying the scenery is key. As a Flemish tradition, they always end training with a nice Belgian beer.


Join them on May 1st! 

As a new cycling team they invite you for a 100km group ride. You’ll be escorted by the team members (and of course a safety car in case of any trouble). The message here is to learn to enjoy riding your beloved carbon (or alloy) steed again. Not only abuse it by pushing the watts to its max. Those 100 k’s will pass in a sigh without you noticing it. Want to be part of this pilot event and support the A Bloc Cycling Team?

From what we’ve heard. Every cyclist gets a free Belgian Affligem beer at the end of the group ride! Give them your follow on Instagram. You can pre-register via their Facebook event.


See you there the first of May!

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