Our road trip. The start of something great.

In March 2017, some friends and I were planning a unique holiday in summer months. It had been a while since we last did a road trip and went screening the web for new ideas. It didn’t take us long to bump into the Budapest Rally website. We were sold right away. An eleven day road trip through Europe’s most beautiful sceneries. The idea here was that every team participating this rally has to come up with a story and crazy theme.

Because of my passion for cycling, I really wanted to pick a cycling theme. But there had to be more to our team than just a bunch of cycling obsessed guys.

In the village I live, a couple of youngsters have lost their lives in recent years. Sadly while riding their bikes home they were grabbed by a car. Together with my fellow team mates we decided our team had to be transformed to a sort of charity team. Some way we could collect funds for charity.

Team Chasse Patate

A proper name was easily found. “Chasse Patate”.. Or better “Team Chasse Patate”.

For those unfamiliar with this cycling term. It means “an individual rider chasing a breakaway who fails to catch it and then gets stuck between the breakaway and the peloton.” But at least this rider makes an effort and we love the cyclists who attack and go for it! In the words of Tom Boonen: “Sometimes you don’t need a plan. You just need big balls.”

At first we asked friends and family to sign our car for a free donation. This way they could “travel along” with us. But maybe signing our car just wasn’t enough.

We could design and sell t-shirts! A guy from Antwerp called Toon wanted to help us out creating our t-shirts. We gave him the design and he helped us out by using his brand and web store ->


With our first Volvo t-shirt we collected €2.350 for charity. Not bad! With our current shirt (#teamchassepatate) we aim much higher.

Meanwhile #teamchassepatate turned into a real community. People who love riding their bike but also are aware of the dangers cyclists encounter in daily traffic. By buying our t-shirt you automatically join our community and support our charity.

To Walk Again 

At november 10th 2018 we threw a charity night for TO WALK AGAIN. An organization founded by Marc Herremans. Ex triathlete and Iron Man winner 2006. His missions is to help people with physical boundaries to live as comfortable as possible. This through sports and the newest technologies in his REVAlution Centre.

By selling our shirts and doing an auction of signed jerseys by pro cyclists Wout Van Aert, Victor Campenaerts and many more we gathered €6.000 for Marc his project.

We’re looking forward to supporting this great mission with other events.

Best regards