Our t-shirts are a collaboration between Team Chasse Patate and an independent cycling apparel genius www.thevandal.be


With the current collection we want to work on a community of cyclists that consciously pays attention to safety while cycling. By purchasing this t-shirt you support 100% the charity. Choose your right size here!


Volvo 740GL

Our first t-shirt held the story of our roadtrip to Budapest in the summer of 2017. With the Volvo 740GL Team Car we drove around Europe to gain awareness, grow our fanbase and of course collect the first funds for our charity.

With this first project we collected € 2350 for “Ouders van Verongelukte Kinderen”. A Belgian non-profit that supports parents and other family members who lost a child or sibling in traffic. These t-shirts are sold out but the caps are still available!